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Q : Does rcUnion support animated GIF files ?

Q : Does bannerCast support Macromedia Flash ?
YES, rcUnion supports banners developed using Macomedia Flash and saved in .swf format.

Q : How long before my account is activated ?
New accounts are activated upon creation, but may show a status of 'Disabled by Admin' until you configure a banner on your new account. Please see the following FAQ for more information: My account says 'Disabled by Admin'. What's wrong?

Q : I've uploaded my banner,but my account still shows as 'Disabled by Admin' What's wrong?
This typically happens when the URL associated with the banner is missing or has been entered incorrectly. The URL should be entered in the form
Example: http://www.mysite.com/mypage.html

Q : My account says 'Disabled by Admin'. What's wrong ?
1) Your account does not have any banners that can be displayed. This can be due to the absence of a banner being configured in your account, or you have a banner configured, but you do not have any available impressions to display it. To troubleshoot this condition, log in to your account, and check the daily statistics for each of the three campaigns. Here the system will show the banners that are configured for each campaign, and the number of "Unused Credits" available for each campaign. For the system to activate your account, you must have at least one banner configured in one campaign that has available unused credits.
2) Your account has been disabled by the systems administrator. This is typically a rare occurrence, as this usually happens for violations of the rcUnion Exchange Network Terms of Service. If this is the cause, you should have received notification via email at the address associated with your account, advising you of the violation, and what corrective action is required.

Q : My flash banner displays fine, but when I click on it nothing happens. What's wrong?
When bannerCast display a Macromedia Flash format banner, it expects that the target URL will either be hard coded into the banner, or be read from the ClickTAG variable. Flash is not an image but an "object" file. Unfortunately HTML doesn't allow you to make a flash file clickable by using an href tag.
ClickTAG: If you enter a URL of where the click should go, the system always passes that URL as ClickTAG to the flash code, however not all SWF files support the use of ClickTAG. More info can be found on this issue at Macromedia's web site.

Q : The system keeps rejecting my banner. What is wrong?
Please make sure that your banner is in one of the supported graphics formats and is under 20k bytes is size. Also if you are manually entering the location instead of using the browse button, check for typos in the path and /or name entered.

Q : What graphics formats does RC Union support ?
RC Union supports banners in the .jpg, .gif, .png, and .swf formats.

Q : What is a URL ?
URL stands for Universal Resource Locater. Practically speaking, a URL is the address you type into the address bar of your web browser to reach a given page on the internet. For example the URL to RC UNION is http://www.rcunion.com

Q : What is the maximum size allowed for a banner ?
RC Union currently supports banners

  • 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels high
  • 250 pixels wide by 120 pixels high
  • 66 pixels wide by 31 pixels high
    Maximum file size of 20 kilobytes (20Kb).

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